13 jan. 2008


Tot en met 3 februari is in Het Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Montevideo/Time Based Arts in Amsterdam de tentoonstelling Video Vortex.2 te zien. Ook De Galerist was curator for one day. Op woensdag 16 januari is galerieopwegs keuze van videowerken vanaf 13:00 uur te zien voor bezoekers van de tentoonstelling. De selectie, onder het statement Convoi Conceptuel - Paradox in Paradise, ziet er als volgt uit:

1 - Two Sides of the Story - Stansfield / Hooykaas - When do miles change to minutes? A fragment of a journey (not a narrative), a landscape from two vantage points, from a moving car and from a monitor with a reflection of a woman's face. Earth defined in... 15'00''
2 - Final Approach - Jacco Olivier - In his animations, Jacco Olivier links painting with moving images. It looks as though he submits his paintings to a meticulous examination. Sometimes he delves deeply into a painting and peels off layer... 1'42''
3 - Pioneer - James Beckett - As the film begins a man is looking straight ahead of himself. Behind him we can see wind, water and tall chimneys with plumes of smoke, signs of heavy industry. The grainy black-and-white images emphasize... 2'46''
4 - The Last Roadtrip - Arno Coenen - In The Last Roadtrip Arno Coenen (NL) takes the audience with him to the United States. The video work is a hallucinatory journey through 'real virtuality', with references to the game of Monopoly and the... 19'00''
5 - Relation in Movement - Ulay / Abramovic - Just like other works by Ulay and Abramovic, 'Relation in Movement' is based on a challenge, although, unlike a lot of previous performances, this challenge is not about pain, but rather, about stamina. In... 35'21''
6 - Zeno's Paradox - Robert Arnold - Zeno's Paradox is known as the story of Achilles, the hero who is ten times faster but can never overtake a slow tortoise if he gives it a 100-metre head start. Because, if Achilles takes ten seconds to cover... 5'15''